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Relationship & Family Guidance


The learning and unlearning begins at home. There are no more prominent relationships in our lives than the relationships we have with family. Many times, we have trouble moving past the meaning we have attached to the actions of family members. In our sessions, I will help you shift the perspective away from blame to understanding. Family plays a powerful role in our lives and allows us the opportunity for profound spiritual growth and greater happiness. It is in this space that we release old hurts and limiting beliefs and we can journey forward into a joyful life.


60 minute Intuitive Guidance session by phone or video chat 

$200 Intro Price for first time clients

$300 Single Session

$750 (3 session package, may be split and gifted)


Relationship & Family Guidance Testimonials:

"I have been so lost in guiding my intuitive children. I mean let's face it. There is no handbook on what to do. I felt so lost. I felt like no one really understood what I was going through. That was until I met Darlene Piane, The Soul Speaker. She helped me understand my children. She also helped my marriage. All of this can definitely take a toll on a marriage. She helped us to understand our children together. When you talk to her it is what I would imagine it is like to talk to an Angel. She speaks directly to your soul. I swear when I talk to her I am on the verge of tears every time. Tears of complete acceptance, joy, power, love and reasoning. I am forever thankful for everything that she has done for our family. I mean these words from the bottom of my heart. I love Darlene Piane, The Soul Speaker. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times and again. You have forever changed our lives in the most positive way."


Huntington Beach, CA

"I've had several sessions from Darlene and wow! Do I feel their healing power! The first session was a major shift for me, healing my "teenage" self has helped me feel more loved and grounded within myself. Next she did a session on my husband and I'm not sure what exactly went on in there, but he has been different ever since. He used to be a "victim" like "poor me" and defensive. Now he stands up for himself and our relationship has totally shifted! Instead of feeling powerless when issues rise up, he faces them head on and with a different attitude. In another session, we connected with my unborn child (he's due in 5 weeks). I wanted to clear the air with him because during the beginning of my pregnancy my husband and I weren't getting along and I had a few anxiety breakdowns that I felt might have affected my child. I was feeling guilty for this and worried that he'd come into this world with an odd sense that the world isn't a safe place, or something along those lines. Darlene helped me see that it was all meant to be that way and in working through my stuff with my husband, we actually cleared some karma or issues for the baby before he was born! The whole experience was magical and I feel so empowered and the guilt is completely gone! We can't wait to meet this little special being and Darlene's love and support has helped me reach this place of gratitude and acceptance for this baby to come.I highly recommend at least one session from Darlene. She is a caring and conscious being and she will always guide you with the best intentions and highest light. You will for sure shift something into a new level of being!"

Denise Dandolo

Newport Beach, CA


"If I could sum up The Soul Speaker in one word, “Amazing” comes to mind.  You know when you have met someone who not only inspires your child to fulfill her dreams, but inspires you as well, it’s only sent by God.  Food for the Soul is what she brings as she guides you on how to unlock the powers that are inside of all of us that we never take the time to explore.  Her wisdom and inspiration have showed me how to reach my goals and dreams and that all things are possible.  What an “Amazing” soul she is."

Anisha Jackson

Lenexa, KS

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