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Psychic Medium Gallery Reading


Gallery readings are unique evenings of inspiration and healing. A group gathers and together they witness the healing power of messages from departed loved ones. This evening of connection is truly a spiritual and uplifting experience. The comforting connection, healing energy and loving messages are profoundly impactful.


When a loved one passes, it is unspeakably hard to lose that physical connection. Many times, there are unanswered questions and a longing for closure. As a psychic medium, my gift is to facilitate the connection with the departed one and provide healing for those who have suffered this loss. How is this possible? Spirit never dies. Our spirit, which exists before we come into physical form, lives on past our physical death. Our spiritual existence or soul is eternal. In passing, our loved one has shed their physical form and returned to only spiritual form, their innate purest form, where God’s unending source of love freely flows through them. Although the physical relationship is no longer there with our loved one, there is a new relationship that can be formed. In that new relationship, we can find incredible support, encouragement, guidance and wisdom. It is one of my biggest life honors to establish connection with deceased loved ones. They bring forward such a unique perspective and offer priceless insight. It is life changing to learn how to sense their support and experience comforting signs of communication.

Gallery Reading Event $40 prepay, $50 at the door


Psychic Medium Gallery Reading Testimonials:


"I was blessed with an opportunity to be a part of a gallery reading with Darlene and it was mind blowing. She brought forth my mother for me and other precious loved ones for other people in the group. We all were floored at how much Darlene knew about our family members! It was such a special, amazing and comforting moment. Darlene has an incredible gift and she shares it so selflessly. She is kind, loving and really, really cares about those in the physical and spirit form. I set up a private call with her the next week and we continued our spiritual talk. She answered questions I had about my mom and my mom sent through messages that only my mom would know. Darlene is the real deal! I feel lucky to have met her!"

Sarah Monson, 

Los Angeles, CA

"My wife and I have attended numerous Soul Speaker events together, individually, and with other friends and family. I instantly feel at ease around Darlene. Her medium intuitive readings are inspiring and accurate. We receive positive messages from souls that have passed on. Darlene is always loving, uplifting and inspiring as she guides everyone in a positive direction. Her soul soothing events have impacted so many lives!"

Donald W. Vierstra

Buena Park, CA


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