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Master Energy Healing


Everything is Energy! We are spiritual beings of Energy! When we are in a peaceful, happy state, our energy is free-flowing. When we are not in that state, our energy gets blocked or we experience kinks in our energy hoses. The great news is that our main source (God) will never shut off the free-flowing energy. We want to release fearful thoughts and/or beliefs can cause our energy to be blocked and as a Master Energy Healer, I can help you uncover and release these.


As a Reiki Master and Medical Intuitive, I begin by acting as the facilitator for healing energy to flow to you. Intuitively, I address the root of the symptoms that are disrupting the energy flow in your body. In energy healing, I consciously send Reiki (healing energy) to you which brings a positive change to your energy field. I also balance your seven chakras (seven energy centers) of your body and use intuitive guidance and medical intuitiveness to address emotional blocks that I see. Energy healing allows your body's natural self-healing to kick in and creates an ease in your body as well as your life. Reiki is used for symptom relief, relaxation and stress reduction and is now being used in over 800 hospitals. I am a certified Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master (Usui) with additional certification for cancer patients, animals, pregnancy, infertility, anxiety and depression.

60 minute Master Energy Healing Session by phone or video chat

Includes Reiki/Chakra Balancing/Intuitive Guidance

$250 Intro Price for first time clients

$350 Single Session

$900 (3 session package, may be split and gifted) 



Baby 'n Me 60 minute Master Energy Healing Session for Pregnant Women by phone or video chat

Includes Reiki/Chakra Balancing/Intuitive Guidance

$400 Single Session

$250 Intro Price for first time clients

$975 (3 session package, may be split and gifted)

Additional combination packages are available at checkout and may be split between mom/dad/family members


Master Energy Healing Testimonials:


"Darlene is unlike any other healing soul I have ever had the honor to have crossed paths with. She is so amazing and has such a beautiful gift that is extremely deep, way beyond the human dimension. She’s so informative, honest, accurate and such a vibrant energetic being. Through her spiritual guidance, she has given me the strength and the courage to look at life through a different lens. The transformational shift that I have experienced with my sessions with Darlene have been life changing to my emotional wellbeing and tremendously positive . I know now that’s there’s no need to live in pain or regret of holding on to the past. She has helped me restore balance in my body and in my life. Thank you Darlene ! You are truly gifted , and I am not only lucky, but blessed that you have helped me release my energetic blockages to facilitate healing for my mind, body and soul." 

Melissa Grijalva 



Working with Darlene over the past few years has been truly amazing! She is a great listener and always makes me see things in a new light or gives me a new take. At the end of our sessions I always feel amazing! There is always a big shift in my body & mind after our energy sessions. She also did work with my toddler daughter as she prepared to have open heart surgery. I have no doubt that the energy work helped our daughter have a “better than best case scenario” outcome! I would have been a complete mess without Darlene during that time. She kept me grounded and filled with hope! 

S. Rupp

Leawood, Kansas


"I had an amazing chakra balancing, intuitive guidance and energy healing session with The Soul Speaker, Darlene Marie Piane. I highly recommend her if you are looking to open your mind and heal within. It's amazing what the human body can do! My session was so powerful and I awoke the next day with such positive thoughts and so much energy. She is easy to work with and creates an amazing experience. I love her and what she does!!"

Danielle Hahn,

Long Beach, CA

"Darlene was able to help me open up and release at a difficult point in my life. She facilitated greater momentum for me, through her energetic work and cleared up space that was taken up by negativity and doubt. She is a knowledgeable, and talented clairvoyant who gently guides clients through life-transitions and gets them out of where they have been halted."

Adrienne Leonard

Pacific Palisades, CA


"I've had several sessions from Darlene and wow! Do I feel their healing power! The first session was a major shift for me, healing my "teenage" self has helped me feel more loved and grounded within myself. Next she did a session on my husband and I'm not sure what exactly went on in there, but he has been different ever since. He used to be a "victim" like "poor me" and defensive. Now he stands up for himself and our relationship has totally shifted! Instead of feeling powerless when issues rise up, he faces them head on and with a different attitude. 


In another session, we connected with my unborn child (he's due in 5 weeks). I wanted to clear the air with him because during the beginning of my pregnancy my husband and I weren't getting along and I had a few anxiety breakdowns that I felt might have affected my child. I was feeling guilty for this and worried that he'd come into this world with an odd sense that the world isn't a safe place, or something along those lines. Darlene helped me see that it was all meant to be that way and in working through my stuff with my husband, we actually cleared some karma or issues for the baby before he was born! The whole experience was magical and I feel so empowered and the guilt is completely gone! We can't wait to meet this little special being and Darlene's love and support has helped me reach this place of gratitude and acceptance for this baby to come.


I highly recommend at least one session from Darlene. She is a caring and conscious being and she will always guide you with the best intentions and highest light. You will for sure shift something into a new level of being!"

Denise Dandolo

Newport Beach, CA

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