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Child Guide

Parents try to be the best parents they can be. They are challenged with setting boundaries and creating a nurturing, healthy and safe space for their child. To all parents I say bless you! You are doing more amazing than you could possibly know. I understand that your journey with your children is constantly evolving, sometimes daily. I realize that these young ones have not come with instructions and much of the information out there on how to raise a child is outdated or conflicting. Here is what I offer in my sessions as a starting point for your interactions with your children.

Children come here with an inherent knowing. They know love, they know acceptance, they know how to create and they definitely know that there is much more beyond this physical world. Their challenge is to process what they know about who they are and what they are being told they should be. They did not come here to conform, they came to inform. They did not come here to be limited, they came here to experience endless possibilities. Imagine how confusing it is to be born into this world with its limiting beliefs. 

In my sessions, these are a few areas that we can address either directly with you and your child or just you:


  • The energetic field in your household

  • What your child is really asking for in the moment

  • Balanced and loving boundaries

  • Healthier lifelong beliefs for your child

  • Your child's inherent knowing and how to nurture and ground it

  • Your child's behavior challenges

  • Dis-ease in your child

  • Any areas where you would like guidance


Children are so eager to learn and are excited to figure out things for themselves. You are their guide and they are your guide as well. Your journey together is precious and sacred. I would be honored to guide you and your child on your beautiful journeys. Together, we can create everything you both desire.


60 minute Intuitive Guidance session by phone or video chat

$200 Intro Price for first time clients

$300 Single Session

$750 (3 session package, may be split and gifted)


Child Guide Testimonials:

"I have been so lost in guiding my intuitive children. I mean let's face it. There is no handbook on what to do. I felt so lost. I felt like no one really understood what I was going through. That was until I met Darlene Piane, The Soul Speaker. She helped me understand my children. She also helped my marriage. All of this can definitely take a toll on a marriage. She helped us to understand our children together. When you talk to her it is what I would imagine it is like to talk to an Angel. She speaks directly to your soul. I swear when I talk to her I am on the verge of tears every time. Tears of complete acceptance, joy, power, love and reasoning. I am forever thankful for everything that she has done for our family. I mean these words from the bottom of my heart. I love Darlene Piane, The Soul Speaker. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times and again. You have forever changed our lives in the most positive way."


Huntington Beach, CA

"After working with Darlene and my son, the words that come to mind are “You are loved”! She said tell that to your son and I thought okay....I tell him I love him every day all day. How would saying it that way make a difference? Isn’t it the same? So I sat down with my son before bedtime and said “You are loved” and he started crying. I had been trying everything to understand my son and where he was coming from. He said I am not like everyone else. I am different. It was a connection I had not had with him before. It opened up an entire world for us to grow and trust together. Thank you so much Darlene!!!! We are still continuing to grow!"
Houston, Texas

"If I could sum up The Soul Speaker in one word, “Amazing” comes to mind.  You know when you have met someone who not only inspires your child to fulfill her dreams, but inspires you as well, it’s only sent by God.  Food for the Soul is what she brings as she guides you on how to unlock the powers that are inside of all of us that we never take the time to explore.  Her wisdom and inspiration have showed me how to reach my goals and dreams and that all things are possible.  What an “Amazing” soul she is."

Anisha Jackson

Lenexa, KS

"Darlene Marie Piane guided me as a young child and came back into my life when I was a young adult. She has given her helpful insight and has comforted me with her warm messages from close family members that have passed. Most importantly, The Soul Speaker has allowed me to become in touch with my soul and encourage me along on my own personal journey."


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