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Inspirational Speaking Events Featuring
Darlene Marie Piane

Darlene Marie Piane is an Intuitive Guide, Psychic Medium, Master Energy Healer & Inspirational Speaker living in Dana Point, CA. She has been featured on the radio and at events throughout California. Together with her participants, she co-creates healing and transformation in their lives so they may live joyfully and experience the beautiful expansion offered by this human journey.


From Darlene:


One of my most rewarding experiences is to speak to a room full of people and help them remember that they came to earth to create a joyful life. Truly, the excitement I feel to guide others into self-realization has never been stronger than now. This is a historical period for humanity! There are incredible opportunities for enlightenment and expansion as we refocus our thoughts and open ourselves up to limitless possibilities. We are so all so deserving and our journey unfolds profoundly when we believe in ourselves and our immense power!


I LOVE being an inspirational speaker. What are my events like? My style is warm, engaging and uplifting. You will never get a canned speech out of me. I will work with you to customize my topic for your group or you may choose to let my intuitive wisdom bring forth the best topic for your event. Following my talk, I will address specific questions from the group and offer guidance. This is one of my favorite parts of my events. It is very powerful to be in a group setting receiving guidance as everyone benefits from the questions and hears exactly what is best for them to hear at the time. Some ideas of the topics offered include (but are not limited to):

  • Moving forward through changing and challenging times

  • Releasing fear, guilt, stress, anger and pain

  • Finding your power in any situation

  • Directing your thoughts to manifest the life you desire and deserve

  • Creating and allowing for self-healing in your body to complement medical care

  • Healing relationships with family, friends and partners

  • Guiding children by tuning into the guidance they are offering

  • Seeing the bigger picture and the opportunities of these expansive times for humanity

  • Finding joy in every day and a peaceful balance in your work and home life

  • Keeping the vacation feeling alive after the vacation is over

Inspirational Speaking Testimonials:


"Darlene Marie Piane has truly been a gift in my life and I learn a little bit more about myself and who I want to be and where I want to be going in life, every time I go to her Inspirational Speaking events. I have attended Darlene’s group classes, as well as, had private sessions with her. In all that Darlene does, when giving guidance, it comes from her soul and speaks to mine. If you have questions about your life now, what might be best for you in the future or have things that you’re still carrying around with you, from your past, I would highly recommend attending. Thank you Darlene, for being the warm, bright, beautiful, giving soul you are!"

Charlene Rasband


"My wife and I have attended numerous Soul Speaker events together, individually and with other friends and family. Darlene is always loving, uplifting and inspiring as she guides everyone in a positive direction. Her soul soothing events have impacted so many lives!"

Donald W. Vierstra

Buena Park, CA

"Darlene helped me see things from a new perspective and to recognize my intuitive power and the signs and guidance we have around us every day. Her wisdom, insight, love and support have been the perfect Kick-Starter for me to move forward in my life and Just Do It !! Darlene is clearly living her calling & divine purpose. A gift from God to us all."

Amy Tupper

San Francisco

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