Inspirational Speaking


Create the joyful life you deserve by believing in yourself and your immense power! Join the shift towards enlightenment as you refocus your thoughts and open yourself up to limitless possibilities. 


Darlene Marie is a gifted inspirational speaker. Her style is warm, engaging and uplifting. It is not her style to have a canned speech. She will work with you to customize her topic for your group or you may choose to let her intuitive wisdom bring forth the best topic for your event. Following her talk, Darlene Marie will address specific questions from the group and offer guidance. It is very powerful to be in a group setting receiving guidance as everyone benefits from the questions and hears exactly what is best for them to hear at the time. 




Darlene Marie has truly been a gift in my life and I learn a little bit more about myself and who I want to be and where I want to be going in life, every time I go to her Inspirational Speaking events.  I have attended Darlene’s group classes, as well as, had private sessions with her.  In all that Darlene does, when giving guidance, it comes from her soul and speaks to mine. If you have questions about your life now, what might be best for you in the future or have things that you’re still carrying around with you, from your past, I would highly recommend attending. Thank you Darlene, for being the warm, bright, beautiful, giving soul you are! 


Charlene Rasband


The Soul Speaker

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Guide,

Master Energy Healer & Inspirational Speaker


Internationally, Darlene Marie Piane works with clients to transform their lives so they may live joyfully and experience the beautiful expansion offered by this human journey.