Psychic Medium Reading

Connect with deceased loved ones and gather insight from a unique perspective. Learn to sense their support and experience comforting signs of communication.

Energy Healing

As a Reiki master, I act as the facillitator for healing energy to flow to you. I combine Reiki with intuitive coaching to address the root of the symptoms causing the energy blocks in your body. 

Personal Guidance

Heal your inner child and let go of blocks that are keeping you stuck. Learn to recognize your own intuitiveness as you open up to the signs and messages all around you. 

Psychic Medium Gallery Reading

Witness the powerful way those who have passed come forth in a group setting. Experience the comforting connection, healing energy and uplifting messages touching so many in a profound way. 

Relationship & Family Guidance

Learn the opportunities of healing that are presented within your family relationships. Become more aware of your triggers and tap into your emotional guidance.

Child Guide

Let me guide your child to stay connected with their inherent knowing. They have come to remind us of infinite love and wisdom but along this journey they will need to be reminded of it themselves. Staying connected to their pure essence of self early will create an ease and flow in their amazing life journey. 

Custom Packages Available

Commit to multiple sessions to progress quickly. Together, we will custom design a program for you that will address your goals. Packages included cost saving bonuses.

Inspirational Speaking

Create the joyful life you deserve by believing in yourself and your immense power! Join the shift towards enlightenment as you refocus your thoughts and open yourself up to limitless posibilities.

The Soul Speaker

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Guide,

Master Energy Healer & Inspirational Speaker


Internationally, Darlene Marie Piane works with clients to transform their lives so they may live joyfully and experience the beautiful expansion offered by this human journey.