Psychic Medium Reading

Connecting with deceased loved ones, recognizing their love and support, tuning into and embracing the eternal relationship

Master Energy Healing

Creating a space for healing, supporting and loving your physical body, understanding your dis-ease, talking to the cells in your body

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Personal Guidance

Clarity, Self-love, Honoring yourself and your journey, Releasing the past, Finding alignment consistently

Child Guide

Understanding your child's perspective, supporting your child's inherent wisdom and intuition, creating a peaceful home, choosing beliefs that support what you want

Inspirational Speaking

Give me a room full of people and I am in heaven. I have a lifetime background in theatrical performance so my events are full of passion and fun and are definitely interactive. Let's Create!

Relationship & Family Guidance

Finding the peace in any situation, Focusing on yourself and what arises for you, higher understanding

Preparing for Baby

Connecting with your baby, preparing a sacred space for baby, supporting yourself, finding your power to write your own story about delivery & life with a newborn

Psychic Medium Gallery Reading

Witness the powerful way those who have passed come forth in a group setting. Experience the comforting connection, healing energy and uplifting messages touching so many in a profound way.