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Darlene Marie Piane​

The Soul Speaker

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Guide,

Master Energy Healer & Inspirational Speaker

From a young age, Darlene felt a passion to guide and help others. She experienced strong moments of empathy and compassion when seeing those around her struggling or hurting.  She inherently knew there was more to life than what others accepted. This understanding of human to human connection often made her feel different. At a very young age, Darlene found herself searching to better understand not only her place in the world, but also to learn why we are all here on this earth. She was full of questions and the answers seemed incomplete. Amidst all of her questions, Darlene recalls an overall sense of feeling like she was not alone. She could feel the presence of others around her. While some might find this notion scary, Darlene was intrigued and she readily accepted that she just knew things, referring to them as vibes. 

She knew she could make a difference, so at age 14, she began teaching children to dance. Eventually she built her own  business, "Steps to the Stage" with a mission to instill self-confidence. With her choreography and musical theatre business, she taught thousands of children and adults not only to dance, sing and act, but to believe in themselves and to go for their dreams. 

When her dad passed away 22 years ago, Darlene's intuition grew. She could feel him and hear him; he could help her find things. Once when her daughter had a very scary diagnosis, her dad told her, "Don't worry. I've got this. She will be fine." And she was! The test result was in fact an error! The connection with her dad led her to open up more and more. Her dad had been an usher in church and she could still feel him ushering. This time, however, he was ushering those who had passed to relay their messages through her. 

When she received messages, she had an understanding that she had been chosen to deliver those messages, and it was of utmost importance that she followed through with that task. Relaying messages was not always easy, but in the process of relaying each message, Darlene learned valuable skills that provided her with an intuitive know-how. 

One day, when she was telling someone about her gift, a friend remarked how he wished she could connect with someone he had lost. Darlene initially believed that her ability didn't operate this way but in that moment, she heard an underlying whisper suggesting she might be limiting her own inner abundance. She decided to let go of her fear, change her thought process and asked her higher self to allow her to do this for her friend. In an instant, she connected and her world changed. She realized her gift was more immense than she had ever dreamed and she could connect with willing departed souls simply by asking. It was almost as if there was a collective celebration of souls and the response was overwhelming....literally. She next had to learn about a whole new world of boundaries and be very clear about how she wanted to shape and use her gift. She began to step outside her own comfort zone and was soon holding gallery readings and welcomed as a guest medium on KKFI Radio in Kansas City.

Her life purpose next called to her in a big way and prompted her to move to California. She realized she was being asked by God to be of "big service". As she began to accept and strengthen her gifts, she found the answers she had always wanted. She began to use her mediumship, intuitive coaching, Reiki energy healing, medical intuition and inspirational speaking to not only help others believe in themselves but to trust their journey. After all, she could talk about that trust because she had learned to embrace it herself!

Darlene Marie Piane, born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, is very grateful for her family, friends and her Midwest values. They gave her such a solid foundation of love and compassion. God is her constant companion and her three adult children inspire her constantly!  Darlene currently resides in southern California.

The Soul Speaker

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Guide,

Master Energy Healer & Inspirational Speaker


Internationally, Darlene Marie Piane works with clients to transform their lives so they may live joyfully and experience the beautiful expansion offered by this human journey.