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Psychic Medium Reading

When a loved one passes, it is unspeakably hard to lose that physical connection. Many times, there are unanswered questions and a longing for closure. As a psychic medium, my gift is to facilitate the connection with the departed one and provide healing for those who have suffered this loss. How is this possible? Spirit never dies. Our spirit, which exists before we come into physical form, lives on past our physical death. Our spiritual existence or soul is eternal. In passing, our loved one has shed their physical form and returned to only spiritual form, their innate purest form, where God’s unending source of love freely flows through them. Although the physical relationship is no longer there with our loved one, there is a new relationship that can be formed. In that new relationship, we can find incredible support, encouragement, guidance and wisdom. It is one of my biggest life honors to establish connection with deceased loved ones. They bring forward such a unique perspective and offer priceless insight. It is life changing to learn how to sense their support and experience comforting signs of communication.

60 minute Psychic Medium session by phone or video chat

$350 Intro Price for first time clients

$450 Single Session

$1200 (3 session package, may be split and gifted)

Package includes intuitive guidance, energy healing and mediumship

Psychic Medium Reading Testimonials:


"Darlene Marie Piane appeared as my guest on Psychic Talk on 90.1 FM KKFI Radio in May of 2012. It was an exciting show as she is a gifted psychic medium and intuitive. On-the-air, she was able to deliver messages for my listeners as easily as if they were sitting right in front of her. Her ability to 'get in touch' with the information she needed was limitless. She just 'knew' what to say and she kept the phones ringing with caller after caller. My listening audience was very appreciative and her connections brought new awareness to a lot of my listening audience."

Dr. Rainbow Mooon, PhD


"Having never worked with a medium before, I have to say I had my reservations about how deep and personal the experience could get. After working with Darlene I am 110% in belief of her ability/gift. She knew things about me and my family that were undeniable she was connecting to my loved ones. Darlene's energy is warm and welcoming and she really makes you feel comfortable during what can be a very anxious experience. I am so impressed with her ability and grateful to have met her. I will definitely be seeing her again! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who might be struggling with negative energies or possibly searching for some closure in their life. Thanks again Darlene, you have truly brought more peace to my life and helped me to approach some challenges in a healthy way!"

Huntington Beach, CA


“I spoke with Darlene after my husband passed away at age 44. Despite the fact that I consider myself to have a really strong Christian faith, I had been struggling with how our relationship (marriage) might change in heaven. I wondered if the presence of God would make our relationship appear irrelevant. This was adding to my struggle with grief. Darlene shared that my husband said “I love us.” That is how he used to always say it to me and Darlene couldn’t have known that. She also saw hummingbirds, which had very special meaning for me and my husband, another thing she could not have known. The messages I received gave me great peace and allowed me to move forward in my healing process. Darlene has an incredible gift and I would recommend her to anyone looking to receive messages from love ones who have moved onto the next life. Thank you, Darlene!!!”   


Lori Diffendaffer


"Darlene, thank you so much for the healing you have brought to our family. Our father took his life one year ago battling one of life's deepest battles.... Depression. Thank you for giving us closure and a new outlook on life. You have given us the greatest gift.  I wish you could know how much it means to our family." 

Katy Cray Corrigan


Uplifting , loving , and Angelic 😇 ❤️ The Soul Speaker

For those who have passed and for us here on Earth , Darlene is truly a Great Prolocutor!

She has worked with me , my Children and Husband. To us , she is A Bright Soul filled with love and knowledge that fills the souls she sees ! Darlene's insight , guidance  and reflection brought me to a higher level of understanding that continues to guide my life in a Positive direction. What a gift she has !

Wendy Daniels
Hawi, Hawaii

"I was blessed to work with Darlene as she was just truly beginning to accept her gift. This was new territory for me; it’s not every day a client presents with fears and hesitancies associated with receiving messages from beyond. It didn’t take me long to realize these were not delusions or hallucinations – Darlene actually had a connection that defied explanation. I was so honored to watch as Darlene became strong enough to step into the role of her birthright and allow her gift to manifest to the fullest.


As a therapist, every day I learn something new and am inspired in some way by the individuals with whom I work. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the unexpected gift Darlene bestowed upon me. A significant time after she had “graduated” from my care, she brought me a message from my precious stillborn daughter. I will never forget her hesitation as she asked if it was okay to share it with me. It was a message neither Darlene nor I understood initially, but one that became indescribably clear and precise – with photographic substantiation – as it revealed itself about a week later. I’m not sure I would have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself. To this day, I get goosebumps when I think about it. That connection to my sweet little girl is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given.


I don’t know of a way to measure Darlene’s intuitive gifts clinically or scientifically. I can only say, personally, there is no measure to the impact of her spirit. She is a bright light and a warm heart; her gift is amazing, and her courage is inspiring."

Shannon Easterly, LCMFT 

"If you are looking for a true medium... someone who gives you real communication with no cliches... Darlene is the one. She has an amazing gift of connecting and communicating with your loved ones and your own spirit. If you are looking for a real link to your spiritual realm, she is the only one to trust. Darlene will handle you and your family with dignity and grace."

Anne Russ


"Darlene told me that a departed student had come to her with an urgent message for me. The student wanted me to know that he was praying for me to heal and that I would be okay. I didn't understand at the time but within a month, I was told I needed neck vertebrae surgery. Darlene had no way of knowing that. The complicated surgery went well. The departed student's prayers and message gave me strength, comfort and peace during the whole process as I knew I would be okay."


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