Personal Guidance


Heal your inner child and let go of blocks that are keeping you stuck. Learn to recognize your own intuitiveness as you open up to the signs and lessons all around you. Tap into your own natural healing ability as you learn to decipher the messages your body sends you on a daily basis. 


We are spiritual beings having a human experience and that is often confusing and difficult. If we listen to society, most of our thoughts are fear-based. We are propelled by need because we do not feel safe. We are constantly searching for people and things to be a certain way, so that we can feel good. We feel powerless and sometimes even sink into depression or pain and suffering. Many times we learn to just cope with our existence. 


This is a far cry from how we intended to live and I am so excited to tell you that there is so much more here for you to experience! In our sessions, I will help you shed early beliefs about how you, others and the world is lacking. Instead, you will learn to feel the immense power of God's spirit that always resides inside you. I will be there to support you as your world shifts and you step into an easy flow of life. I will remind you how God gave you everything you needed when you entered this world and I will teach you how to access it at any time. 


60 minute Intuitive coaching session by phone or video chat






"I can tell you from first-hand experience how amazingly spot-on Darlene Marie is and have recently begun some coaching with her to empower myself and overcome lifelong fears that have become continual stumbling blocks to my professional success. Personally, when I was on the phone with her last week for an hour, three synchronistic things happened within that time frame outside of the scope of our call that could not be explained except for, “there is a reason and a purpose for why everything happens,” and I fully believe that. Darlene guided me to focus on how I was thinking about things on that particular day (and they weren’t very positive at the time!), and when I shifted my focus to a more positive outlook, feeling “as if” what I desired was actually mine, three….THREE of those things occurred while we were on the phone! Things like that are possible! Unbelievable! And that is just the tip of the iceberg! We really do create our own reality!  Miracles happen when you work with Darlene Marie!"


Ann Butenas

"Darlene’s guidance helped me gain the clarity and confidence that were necessary for me to step into myself. Through her spiritual guidance, she helped me remember who I am and of how to live. Her encouragement, wisdom, truth and joy totally shifted my perspective, and life hasn’t been the same since. I am so grateful for Darlene and would recommend her to anyone who wants to explore their spirituality!"

Sienna Browne


"Connecting with The Soul Speaker has been a life-changing experience. She arrived, for me, at the perfect time as I started my spiritual journey, and she has been invaluable in my spiritual growth. There are no "canned" responses, and Darlene will guide you as far as you are willing to go on your own personal journey. Without hesitation, I can recommend this mentor to anyone who is open to being mentored."


Anne Russ

The Soul Speaker

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Guide,

Master Energy Healer & Inspirational Speaker


Internationally, Darlene Marie Piane works with clients to transform their lives so they may live joyfully and experience the beautiful expansion offered by this human journey.