Energy Healing


Everything is Energy! We are spiritual beings of Energy! When we are in a peaceful, happy state, our energy is free-flowing. When we are not in that state, our energy gets blocked or we experience kinks in our energy hoses. The great news is that our main source (God) will never shut off the free-flowing energy. We just have to release fearful thoughts or beliefs that cause the kinks. 


In energy healing, I consciously send Reiki (healing energy) to you which brings a positive change to your energy field.  I also balance your seven chakras (seven energy centers) of your body and use intuitive coaching and medical intuitiveness to address emotional blocks that I see. Energy healing allows your body's natural self-healing to kick in and creates an ease in your body as well as your life. Reiki is used for symptom relief, relaxation and stress reduction. I am a certified Reiki Master (Usui) with added training for cancer patients, animals, pregnancy and infertility. 


60 minute Reiki/chakra balancing/Intuitive coaching session

$400 by phone or video chat



Baby 'n Me 60 minute Reiki/chakra balancing/Intuitive coaching for pregnant women 

$400 by phone or video chat




"Darlene was able to help me open up and release at a difficult point in my life. She facilitated greater momentum for me, through her energetic work and cleared up space that was taken up by negativity and doubt. She is a knowledgeable, and talented clairvoyant who gently guides clients through life-transitions and get them out of where they have been halted."


Adrienne Leonard

Pacific Palisades, CA


"I had an amazing chakra balancing and coaching session with The Soul Speaker, Darlene Marie. I highly recommend her if you are looking to open your mind and heal within. It's amazing what the human body can do! My session was so powerful and I awoke the next day with such positive thoughts and so much energy. She is easy to work with and creates an amazing experience. I love her and what she does!!"


Danielle Hahn,

Long Beach, CA

The Soul Speaker

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Guide,

Master Energy Healer & Inspirational Speaker


Internationally, Darlene Marie Piane works with clients to transform their lives so they may live joyfully and experience the beautiful expansion offered by this human journey.